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Publikationen 2022

Costa-Araújo R, Melo R, Silva Júnior JS, Buss G, Boubli JP, Hrbek T, Canale GR (2022): Plecturocebus vieirai. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: e.T70330181A215349266

Costa-Araújo R, Silva Júnior JS, Canale GR, Melo R, Boubli JP, Farias I, Hrbek T (2022): Mico schneideri. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: e.T210363264A210363416

Costa-Araújo R, Silva LG, Melo FR, Rossi RV, Bottan JP, Silva DA, Nascimento FO, Silva FP, Buss G, Lima-Silva LG, Silva LF, Fialho M, Lázari PR, Rossato RS, Vendramel RL, Alencar RM, Mendonça RFB, Sampaio R, Hrbek T, Silva-Jr. JS, Canale GR (in press): Primate conservation in the global deforestation frontier: a study case with the Vieira’s titi monkey Plecturocebus vieirai. Oryx

Dal Pesco F, Trede F, Zinner D & Fischer J (2022): Male-male social bonding, coalitionary support and reproductive success in wild Guinea baboons. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289 (1975): 20220347

Damert A (2022): SVA Retrotransposons and a Low Copy Repeat in Humans and Great Apes: A Mobile Connection. Mol Biol Evol: 39(5): msac103

Fonseca JLG, del Rosario CHR, Borstelmann de Oliveira MA, Feng G, Igayara CS, McCarroll SA, Nicola PA, Pereira LCM, Rogers J, Roos C, Malukiewicz J (2022): Comparison of Mitogenomic and Mitochondrial Markers for the Phylogenetic and Evolutionary Study of Marmosets, with special focus on captive Callithrix jacchus. bioRxiv

Formenti G, Theissinger K, Fernandes C, Bista I, Bombarely A, Bleidorn C, Ciofi C, Crottini A, Godoy JA, Höglund J, Malukiewicz J, Mouton A, Oomen RA, Paez S, Palsbøll PJ, Pampoulie C, Ruiz-López MJ, Svardal H, Theofanopoulou C, de Vries J, Waldvogel A-M, Zhang G, Mazzoni CJ, Jarvis ED, Miklós Bálint European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) Consortium (in press): The era of reference genomes in conservation genomics, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37(3): 197-202

Heymann EW, Dolotovskaya S, Roos C (2022): „Wahre Treue“ bei Kupferroten Springaffen? Freilandforschung an Primaten im Amazonasregenwald. BiuZ 52(2): 156-161

Malukiewicz J, Cartwright RA, Dergam JA, Igayara CS, Kessler S, Moreira SB, Nash LT, Nicola PA, Pereira LCM, Pissinatti A, Ruiz-Miranda CR, Ozga AT, Quirino AA, Roos C, Silva DL, Stone AC, Grativol AD (in press): The Gut Microbiome of Exudivorous Marmosets in the Wild and Captivity. Scientific Reports 12: 5049

Roos C (2022): Taxonomic Classification of Colobine Monkeys. In Matsuda I, Grueter C, Teichroeb J (Eds.), The Colobines: Natural History, Behaviour and Ecological Diversity (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology, pp. 3-12). Cambridge University Press

Roos C, Miguez RP, Zinner D, Nadler T, Thinh VN (2022): Importance of genetic data from type specimens: The questionable type locality of southern white-cheeked gibbon, Nomascus siki (Delacour, 1951). Zoological Research: 43(4): 666-670

Roos C, Zinner D (2022): Molecular Phylogeny and Phylogeography of Colobines. In Matsuda I, Grueter C, Teichroeb J (Eds.), The Colobines: Natural History, Behaviour and Ecological Diversity (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology, pp. 32-43). Cambridge University Press

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Storer JM, Walker JA, Rockwell CE, Mores G, Beckstrom TO, Orkin JD, Melin AD, Phillips KA, Roos C, Batzer MA (2022): Recently Integrated Alu Elements in Capuchin Monkeys: A Resource for Cebus/Sapajus Genomics. Genes 13(4): 572

Tamrat M, Atickem A, Flagstad Ø, Fischer M, Roos C, Evangelista P, Bekele A, Stenseth NC, Zinner D (2022): Swayne's hartebeest in Ethiopia: population estimate, genetic variability and competition with livestock. Oryx 56(3): 336-344

Wu DD, Qi XG, Li Yu, Ming Li, Liu ZJ, Yoder AD, Roos C, Hayakawa T, Rogers J, Marques-Bonet T, Su B, Yao YG, Zhang YP, Zhang G (2022): Initiation of the Primate Genome Project. Zoological Research 43(2): 147-149

Zinner D, Knauf S, Chuma IS, Butynski TM, De Jong YA, Keyyu JD, Kaitila R, Roos C (2022): Mito-phylogenetic relationship of the new subspecies of gentle monkey Cercopithecus mitis manyaraensis, Butynski & De Jong, 2020. Primate Biology 9(1): 11-18

Publikationen 2021

Ayoola A O, Zhang B L, Meisel R P, Nneji L M, Shao Y, Morenikeji O B, Adeola A C, Ng’ang’a S I, Ogunjemite B G, Okeyoyin A O, Roos C, Wu D D (2021): Population genomics reveals incipient speciation, introgression, and adaptation in the African Mona monkey (Cercopithecus mona). Mol Biol Evol 38(3): 876–890

Bennstein SB, Scherenschlich N, Weinhold S, Manser AR, Noll A, Raba K, Kögler G, Walter L, Uhrberg M (2021): Transcriptional and functional characterization of neonatal circulating ILCs. Stem Cells Transl Med 10: 867-882

Bennstein SB, Weinhold S, Degistirici Ö, Oostendorp RAJ, Raba K, Kögler G, Meisel R, Walter L, Uhrberg M (2021): Efficient in vitro generation of IL-22-secreting ILC3 from CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors in a human mesenchymal stem cell niche. Front Immunol 12: 5545

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Dong YW, Blanchard TS, Noll A, Vasquez P, Schmitz J, Kelly SP, Wright PA, Whitehead A (2021): Genomic and physiological mechanisms underlying skin plasticity during water to air transition in an amphibious fish. J Exp Biol 224 (2): jeb235515

Fotang C, Bröring U, Roos C, Enoguanbhor EC, Dutton P, Tédonzong LRD, Willie J, Yuh YG, Birkhofer K (2021): Environmental and anthropogenic effects on the nesting patterns of Nigeria–Cameroon chimpanzees in North-West Cameroon. American Journal of Primatology 83(9): e23312

Fotang C, Bröring U, Roos C, Enoguanbhor EC, Abwe EE, Dutton P, Schierack P, Angwafo TE, Birkhofer K (2021): Human activity and forest fragmengtation threaten populations of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) in Western Cameroon. International Journal of Primatology 42:105–129

Gariglio ACRS,  Boere V, Malukiewicz J, Fonseca LA, Calais Jr A, Silva IO (2021): Hematology and blood chemistry reference values of free-ranging Callithrix geoffroyi in Urban environment in Espírito Santo state, Brazil. Journal of Medical Primatology

Hasan MZ, Walter L (2021): Rhesus Macaque Activating Killer Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors Associate With Fc Receptor Gamma (FCER1G) and Not With DAP12 Adaptor Proteins Resulting in Stabilized Expression and Enabling Signal Transduction. Front. Immunol. 12:678964

Liu, Zhi-Jin; Qian, Xue-Kun; Hong, Min-Heng; Zhang, Jia-Li; Li, Da-Yong; Wang, Tian-Han; Yang, Zuo-Min; Zhang, Li-Ye; Wang, Zi-Ming; Nie, Hua-Jian; Fan, Ke-Yue; Zhang, Xiong-Fei; Chen, Meng-Meng; Sha, Wei-Lai; Roos, C; Li, Ming (2021): Global view on virus infection in non-human primates and implications for public health and wildlife conservation. Zoological Research 42(5): 626-632

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Malukiewicz J, Cartwright RA, Dergam JA, Igayara CS, Nicola PA, Pereira LMC, Ruiz-Miranda CR, Stone AC, Silva DL, de Fátima Rodrigues da Silva F, Varsani A, Walter L, Wilson MA, Zinner D, Roos C (2021): Genomic skimming and nanopore sequencing uncover cryptic hybridization in one of world’s most threatened primates. Sci Rep 11(1): 17279   

Matauschek C, Roos C (2021): Gerade erst beschrieben, aber leider schon wieder fast verschwunden - Der Popa Langur (Trachypithecus popa) in Zentral-Myanmar. GfBS Newsletter 39: 60-61

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Zhang M, Cao P, Dai Q, Wang Y, Feng X, Wang H, Wu H, Min-Shan Ko A, Mao X, Liu Y, Yu L, Roos C, Nadler Ti, Xiao W, Bennett EA, Fu Q(2021): Comparative analysis of DNA extraction protocols for ancient soft tissue museum samples. Zoological Research 42(3): 280-286

Publikationen 2020

Aifat N R, Abdul-Latiff M A B, Roos C, Md-Zain B M (2020): Taxonomic revision and evolutionary phylogeography of dusky leaf monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus) in Peninsular Malaysia. Zool Stud 59: 64

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Publikationen 2019

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