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Course Content

You will learn how to use the Matlab programming environment interactively and as a script language to write executable programs. A strong focus will lie on data handling: you will learn to enter, import, manipulate, analyze, and visualize scientific data of various types, for example subject data, time series, images, etc. Second, you will learn to write programs. Goal of the course is to provide you with the skills needed to use Matlab as versatile tool for research in Biopsychology and Neuroscience.

Topics include

  • Getting started – introduction to the Matlab programming environment
  • Matlab as calculator – basic commands and syntax
  • Your workspace – entering and manipulating data
  • Visualizing data – graphics and plotting
  • Accessing experimental data – reading and writing files
  • Organizing data – advanced data structures
  • Writing programs – basic program structures
  • Writing programs – procedures and functions
  • Analyzing data – statistical tools, hypothesis testing, correlations, regressions, …
  • Handling formatted data – bitmap images, movies, sounds, medical data formats
  • Know your limits – optimizing memory-use and computational resources
  • … and more.

Last update: Dec 15, 2015