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Sven-Kevin Hotop


Primary Focus 1

  • Studies on preclinical prophylactic vaccines against various human pathogenic viral agents (HIV, RSV, Orthopox, HPV).
  • Studies on pathogenesis and pre-exposure prophylaxis are conducted by means of the AIDS macaque model.

Primary Focus 2

  • Standardizing animal experiments with the help of prognostic markers (z.B. Tetherin, Apobec, TLR7, MHC)
  • Development of in vitro replacement methods for experiments with non-human primates
  • Determination of viral load
  • Immune genetics

Primary Focus 3

Prion diseases

  • Embedded in an international consortium we are conducting a study to assess the risk for humans to be infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD), a prion disease that affects North American cervids.
  • We have recently established an in vitro system (RT-QuiC) that can diagnose prion-infectious specimen with high sensitivity and specificity.
  • The RT- QuiC system will be used to estimate the general transmissibility of prion infections in cynomolgus macaques.

Animal Models