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Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. S. W. Li, O. Zeliger, L. Strahs, R. Báez-Mendoza, L. M. Johnson, A. McDonald Wojciechowski, Z. M. Williams. A prefrontal mechanism linking social group dominance with competitive success. 2022 Nature Mar 16. Full Text (Paywall)
  2. S. W. Li, Z. M. Williams, R. Báez-Mendoza*. Investigating the neurobiology of abnormal social behaviors. 2021. Frontiers in Neural Circuits. Full Text
  3. R. Báez-Mendoza*E. P. Mastrobattista, A. J. Wang, Z M. Williams. Social Agent Identity Cells in the Prefrontal Cortex of Interacting Groups of Primates 2021. Science. 274, 6566, eabb4149. Full Text
    Highlighted on: EurekAlert!, Bild der Wissenschaft (Germany), Agencia SINC (Spain), O Globo (Brazil)
  4. R. Báez-Mendoza*, Y. Vázquez*, E. Mastrobattista, Z. M. Williams. Neuronal circuits for social decision-making and their clinical implications. 2021. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 15(1291) Full Text
    *co-first and co-corresponding authors.
  5. M. Jamali, B. L. Grannan, E. Fedorenko, R. Saxe, R. Báez-Mendoza, Z. M. Williams. Single-neuronal predictions of others’ beliefs in humans. 2021 Nature. 591, 610-614. Full Text
    Highlighted on: F1000, Nature Podcast, Spectrum News, Harvard Gazette
  6. S Ferrari-Toniolo, PM Bujold, F Grabenhorst, R Báez-Mendoza, W Schultz. Nonhuman Primates Satisfy Utility Maximization in Compliance with the Continuity Axiom of Expected Utility Theory. 2021 Journal of Neuroscience. 41 (13), 2964-2979. 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0955-20.2020
  7. F Grabenhorst, R Báez-Mendoza, W Genest, G Deco, W Schultz. Primate amygdala neurons simulate decision processes of social partners. 2019 Cell. 177: 1-13. Full Text
    Highlighted on: Haaretz (Israel, English), le Scienze (Italy, Italian), Nature Reviews Neuroscience
  8. R. Báez-Mendoza* and W. Schultz. Performance error-related activity in monkey striatum during social interactions. 2016 Sci. Rep. 37199. Full Text
  9. R. Báez-Mendoza*C.R. van Coeverden and W. Schultz. A neuronal reward inequity signal in primate striatum. 2016 J. Neurophysiol. 115: 68-79. Full Text
  10. R. Báez-Mendoza* and W. Schultz. The role of the striatum in social behaviour. 2013 Front. Neurosci. 7:233. Full Text
  11. R. Báez-Mendoza*, C. Harris and W. Schultz. Activity of striatal neurons reflects social action and own reward. 2013 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 110:41, 16634:16639 PDF

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. R. Báez-Mendoza, Z. M. Williams. A Stare like yours: Naturalistic social gaze interactions reveal robust neuronal representations. Neuron 2022 
  2. R. Báez-Mendoza, Z. M. Williams. Monkeys Show Theory of Mind. 2020 Cell Reports 30 (13), 4319-4320 PDF
  3. R. Báez-Mendoza, K. L. Hoffman. Object ontology in the temporal lobe in Cortical Mechanisms of Vision, ed. Michael Jenkin and Laurence Harris. Cambridge University Press (2009)