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Schoger, Eric; Bleckwedel, Federico; Germena, Giulia; Rocha, Cheila; Tucholla, Petra; Sobitov, Izzatullo et al. 
Single-cell transcriptomics reveal extracellular vesicles secretion with a cardiomyocyte proteostasis signature during pathological remodeling.
In: Commun Biol 6 (1), S. 331.

Boos, Frederike; Oo, James A.; Warwick, Timothy; Günther, Stefan; Izquierdo Ponce, Judit; Lopez, Melina et al. (2023):
The endothelial-enriched lncRNA LINC00607 mediates angiogenic function.
In: Basic Res Cardiol 118 (1), S. 52.

Samak, Mostafa; Kues, Andreas; Kaltenborn, Diana; Klösener, Lina; Mietsch, Matthias; Germena, Giulia; Hinkel, Rabea
Dysregulation of Krüppel-like Factor 2 and Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2D Drive Cardiac Microvascular Inflammation and Dysfunction in Diabetes.
In: IJMS 24 (3), S. 2482.

Wang, Xiaoqing; Rosenzweig, Sebastian; Roeloffs, Volkert; Blumenthal, Moritz; Scholand, Nick; Tan, Zhengguo et al.
Free‐breathing myocardial T 1 mapping using inversion‐recovery radial FLASH and motion‐resolved model‐based reconstruction.
In: Magnetic Resonance in Med 29, S. 1956.

Klösener, Lina; Samolovac, Sabine; Barnekow, Ina; König, Jessica; Moussavi, Amir; Boretius, Susann et al. 
Functional Cardiovascular Characterization of the Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus).
In: ‚Biology‘ 12 (8), S. 1123.