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How to find us

The Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory and is a part of the German Primate Center (DPZ). However, it is not located in the main building of the DPZ, but in the near building in Hans-Adolf-Krebs-Weg 7, towards Robert-Koch-Straße, the police station and the disctrict of Weende.

You can come directly to the gate at the auxiliary building or to the reception desk in the main building. There is an intercom system at the gate to the auxiliary building. Since this often does not work properly please use a cell phone to call your contact person to be picked up at the gate.

You can reach us with different means of transportation

By airplane

Göttingen lies in the very heart of Germany. Visitors from abroad may choose between the airport of Frankfurt/Main (plus 2 hour rail trip) and the airport of Hannover (plus 3/4 hour rail trip).

By car

From the A7 motorway take the exit marked "Göttingen Nord". Follow the B27, then turn right after the second set of traffic lights and follow signs for "Unibereich Nord". Go straight on and follow the road round to the right at the top of the hill. Then take the first exit on the left (about 500 m, signposted DPZ).

Anfahrt mit dem Auto

By public transport

Tickets on the bus!

Bus no. 41 (PDF)

from "Bahnhof" to "Helleweg":

Take the bus no. 41 towards "Weende-Ost/Klinikum" at bus platform A (train station exit Zentrum, to the right, time table of buses above the exit doors). Get off at bus stop "Helleweg" (press button "Haltewunsch"), walk ahead and turn right into the Otto-Hahn-Strasse. Turn first right, pass the police station and turn left into the Hans-Adolf-Krebs-Weg leading directly to the gate of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory-building on the left.

Bus no. 21/22 (PDF) and bus no. 23 (PDF)

21/22 "Geismar Zietenterrassen" - "Nikolausberg"

23 "Bahnhof" - "Faßberg"

Take bus no. 21/22 or bus no. 23 heading for "Nikolausberg" or "Faßberg". Get off at bus stop "Kellnerweg" (please press the stop button in the bus). Cross the road and follow the path between the post box and the glass containers through the residential area of the students union (Studentenwerk). When you arrive at the parking lot of the residential area, please turn left and you will reach the gate of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory building on the right. Since the intercom system at the gate is not always working properly, please be prepared to call your contact person from your mobile phone in order to be picked up at the gate.

Bus_v2 CNL Anreise