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For students (biology, psychology and physics) who are interested in internships at the Cognitive Neuroscience lab, the Sensorimotor Group, or the Decision and Awareness Group please fill out the questionnaire and send it via email as an attachment.

Email: Internship Application

Interns 2023

Ella Schumacher (SMG) University Göttingen, 17.10.2022-17.02.2023

Interns 2022
Lukas Dorsch (SMG) Bachelor in Psychology, University Göttingen, 05.10.2022-02.12.2022
Florian Burkhardt  (SMG) University Göttingen, 05.09.2022-30.11.2022
Lavanya M Krishnamurthy (SMG) Master Student at University Göttingen, 10.08.2022-12.10.2022
Paula Kopplow (SMG) Bachelor in Psychology, University Göttingen, 18.07.2022-26.08.2022
Keren Profesorsky (DAG) 07.06.2022-29.07.2022
Uğur Coşkun (DAG) IIMPRS MSc. Program in Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 09.05.2022-01.07.2022
Rebecca Divarco (DAG) IMPRS MSc. Program in Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 09.05.2022-01.07.2022
Ege Kingir (CNL) IMPRS MSc. Program in Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 09.05.2022-01.07.2022
René Burghardt  (SMG) Applied Data Science, University Göttingen, 19.04.2022-19.09.2022
Gökberk Günaydin  (CNL)  IMPRS MSc. Program in Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 07.03.2022-06.05.2022
Robert Mihai Haret (SMG) University Göttingen, 07.03.2022-06.05.2022

Interns 2021

Sonia Wunderlich (SMG) Bachelor in Cognitive Science, Univeristy Osnabrück, 12.04.2021-21.05.2021
Josefine Berger (SMG) Biology Bachelor, University Göttingen, 12.04.2021-13.08.2021
Kathrin Heidelmann (CNL) Biology Bachelor, University Göttingen, 12.04.2021-13.08.2021
Lina Grävemeyer (SMG) Psychology Bachelor, University Göttingen, 12.04.2021-02.07.2021
Margaret Young (DAG) IMPRS Master, University Göttingen, 08.03.2021-07.05.2021
Dafna Ljubotina (DAG) Neuroscience Master, University Göttingen, 11.01.2021-05.03.2021
Mahalakshmi Ramadas (SMG) IMPRS Master, University Göttingen, 11.01.2021-05.03.2021
Ilona Vieten (CNL) IMPRS Master, University Göttingen, 11.01.2021-05.03.2021
Ali Ghadami (CNL) Neuroscience Master, University Göttingen, 11.01.2021-05.03.2021

Interns 2020

Dorothee Zingler (CNL) Psychology Bachelor, University Göttingen, 05.10.2020-31.01.2021
Beyza Akkoyunlu (PPG) Neuroscience Master, Bilket-University Ankara, 21.09.2020-30.10.2020
Alexander Behrens (SMG) Psychology Bachelor, University Göttingen, 15.06.2020-30.09.2020
Alexandra Witt (DAG) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 04.05.2020-26.06.2020
Shivangi Patel (CNL) BSc-MSc Prog., Institute of Sci. Ed. and Res. Pune, 03.04.2020-31.07.2020
Ranjit Pradhan (CNL) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 04.05.2020-26.06.2020
Asude Tura (DAG) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 04.05.2020-26.06.2020
Varsha Ramakrishna (CNL) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 04.05.2020-26.06.2020
Paloma Huguet, (CNL) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 04.05.2020-26.06.2020
Pietro Amerio (CNL) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 02.03.2020-30.04.2020
Bruno Garcia (DAG) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 02.03.2020-30.04.2020
Avika Chopra (SMG) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 02.03.2020-30.04.2020
Tihana Hamzaj (DAG) DNB, University Göttingen, 06.01.2020-28.02.2020
Jaya Sathiyamani (DAG) IMPRS, University Göttingen, 06.01.2020-28.02.2020
Jessica Lofing (CNL) Biology, University Göttingen, 02.12.2019-24.01.2020

Interns 2019

Tabea Lehmenkuehler (CNL) Biology, University Göttingen, 19.08.2019-04.10.2019
Nina Lutze (CNL) Psychology, University Braunschweig, 12.08.2019-27.09.2019
Martin Kocsis (CNL) Biology, University Southampton, 29.07.2019-13.09.2019
Niklas Zdarsky (CNL) Applied Computer Science, University Göttingen, 06.05.2019-14.06.2019
Johann Korn (CNL) Biology, University Göttingen, 15.04.2019-31.05.2019
Yannik Böttcher (SMG) Biology, University Göttingen, 15.04.2019-31.05.2019
Max Crayen (CNL) Neuroscience, IMPRS Göttingen, 04.03.2019-03.05.2019
Yifan Mayr (CNL) Neuroscience, IMPRS Göttingen, 04.03.2019-03.05.2019
Mathis Bassler (SMG) Neuroscience, IMPRS Göttingen, 04.03.2019-03.05.2019
Lukas Amann (DAG) 04.03.2019-03.05.2019
Niklas Müller (SMG) Applied Computer Science, University Göttingen, 04.03.2019-12.04.2019
Leonard Posner (CNL) Applied Computer Science, University Göttingen, 04.03.2019-12.04.2019

Interns 2018

Martina Schünemann (CNL) Technical Assistant (Psychology), 17.09.2018-09.11.2018
Ivan Plaza Rosales (DAG) PhD-Programm Biomedical Science, University of Chile, Santiago, 02.08.2018-31.12.2018
Alexander Wähling (CNL) B.Sc. Applied Computer Science, University Göttingen, 27.08.2018-12.10.2018
Anna Müllen (DAG) M.Sc. Neuroscience IMPRS, University Göttingen, 07.05.2018-29.06.2018
Marina Slashcheva (DAG) M.Sc. Neuroscience IMPRS, University Göttingen, 07.05.2018-29.06.2018
Tony Carricarte (DAG) 07.05.2018-29.06.2018
Ann-Kristin Kenkel (CNL) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 09.04.2018-25.05.2018
Esther Semmelhack (CNL) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 09.04.2018-25.05.2018
Robert Körner (SMG) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 09.04.2018-25.05.2018
Yannan Su (SMG) Master Neuroscience, University Göttingen, 05.03.2018-04.05.2018
Tarana Nigam (CNL) M.Sc. Neuroscience IMPRS, University Göttingen, 05.03.2018-04.05.2018
Irene Aji (CNL) 05.03.2018-04.05.2018
Therese Morgenstern (SMG) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 19.02.2018-30.03.2018
Rena Birner (DAG) Bachelor Cognitive Science, University Osnabrueck, 05.02.2018-27.04.2018

Interns 2017

Isabel Kreis (DAG) Master Psychology, University Bielefeld, 01.05.2017-27.06.2017
Lin Zhou (SMG) Master Neuroscience, University Göttingen, 06.03.2017-05.05.2017
Josefine Kirchner (CNL) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 10.04.2017-19.05.2017
Mahdi Enayati (CNL) Bachelor Computer Science, A. K. University Teheran, 01.06.2017-30.09.2017
Hannah Loenneker (DAG) Bachelor Psychology, University Tübingen, 31.07.2017-10.09.2017
Laura Wirth (CNL) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 01.08.2017 - 23.10.2017
Anisiga Thirunavukkarasu (DAG) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 07.08.2017-31.10.2017
Johanna Roesch (CNL) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 14.02.-28.04.2017
Maximilian Blomberg (SMG) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 13.02.-14.04.2017
Lin Zhou (SMG) Master Neuroscience, University Göttingen, 06.03.-05.05.2017
Iryna Schommartz (DAG) Bachelor C.A.B. Neuroscience, TU Dresden, 06.03.-28.04.2017
Jiaqi Shang (DAG) Bachelor Neuroscience, NWU Chicago, 14.02.-08.04-2017
Julia Nowak (SMG) Bachelor Biology, University Mainz, 20.03.-31.07.2017
Mareike Spengler (SMG) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 27.02.-07.04.2017
Maximilian Stecker (SMG) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 17.10.2016-22.03.2017
Annika Hintze (SMG) Master D.N.B. Biology, University Göttingen, 30.01.-17.03-2017
Max Degener (CNL) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 17.10.2016-17.02.2017
Joscha Franke (SMG) Master Psychology, University Göttingen, 17.10.2016-17.02.2017
Luzia Surberg (SMG) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 18.07.2016-20.01.2017
Elisheba Crecca (DAG) Master Psychology, University Roma Tre, 04.10.2017-26.01.2018
Esther Olubukola Ekinola (DAG) Master Neuroscience, University Bremen, 04.10.2017-06.01.2018
Lea Wagner (CNL) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 16.10.2017-26.11.2017
Lisa Unger (CNL) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 23.10.2017-01.12.2017
Leonhardt Unruh (CNL) Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 23.10.2017-01.12.2017
Friedrich Krohn (SMG) Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 23.10.2017 - 01.12.2017

Interns 2016

Tobias Meyer (AKN), Bachelor Psychology, University Hildesheim, 22.08.-14.10.2016
Luzia Surberg (SMG), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 18.07.-16.10.2016
Kostja Wacker (SMG), Bachelor Psychology, University of Göttingen, 01.06.-30.09.2016
Vrushali Rao Gumnur (CNL&SMG), Bachelor/Master at the Indian Institure of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, India, 09.05.-22.07.2016
Bianca Koegl (SMG), M.Sc. Program "Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology", University of Göttingen, 29.02.-22.04.2016
Peter Neumann (SMG), Bachelor Psychology, University of Göttingen, 15.02.-25.03.2016
Uwe Zimmermann (DAG), M.Sc. Program "Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology", University of Göttingen, 25.01.-08.04.2016
Lauren Cassidy (CNL&SMG), Master "Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation", Roehampton University London, Great Britain, 18.01.-29.02.2016

Interns 2015

Alexandra Nagel (DAG), Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 09.11.-18.12.2015
Josey Mintel (CNL), M.Sc. Program "Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology", University of Göttingen, 02.11.-18.12.2015
Tashina Bentz (CNL), M.Sc. Program "Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology", University of Göttingen, 12.10.-4.12.2015
Laetitia Arndt (SMG), Bachelor Psychology, University of Aachen, 05.10.-23.12.2015
Nicola Popp (SMG), Master Neuroscience, University of Maastricht, Netherlands, 05.10.-29.01.2016
Hui-Fen Chen (CNL), Bachelor Entymology, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, 01.07-03.08.2015
Julius Krumbiegel (CNL), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 02.03.-16.08.2015
Madhura Ketkar (CNL), "Msc./PhD. Program - Neuroscience" Georg-August-University Göttingen, 05.01.2015 - 27.02.2015
Lenka Vaculčiaková (CNL), "Msc./PhD. Program - Neuroscience" Georg-August-University Göttingen, 05.01.2015 - 27.02.2015

Interns 2014

Raffaella Bancone (SMG), Master Neuroscience, University Strasburg-Basel-Freiburg, 01.09.2014-31-05.2015
Laura Molina (AKN), University Madrid, Spain, 01.09.2014-31.01.2015
Bharath Chandra Talluri (AKN), Master Cognitive Science, 07.05.-31.12.2014
Max Rollwage (DAG), Diploma Psychology, University Marburg, 01.08.-31-10.2014
Damian Bast (SMG), Bachelor Physics, University Göttingen, 26.06.-25.09.2014
Pinar Yurt (AKN), Bachelor Biology, University of Ankara, Turkey, 12.06.-07.09.2014
Michael Siebrecht (AKN), Bachelor Biology, University Göttingen, 03.03.-02.05.2014
Amelie Seibt (CNL), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 26.02.-08.04.2014
Fabian Held (CNL), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 10.02.-21.03.2014
Frederik Geweke (CNL), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 10.02.-21.03.2014
Kristin Kaduk (DAG), Master Psychology, University Göttingen, 10.02.-21.03.2014
Alexander Dieter (CNL), MSc. Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 06.01-28.02.2014
Luis Ramos (CNL), MSc. Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 06.01.-28.02.2014

Interns 2013

Vanessa Hohn (DAG), Bachelor Psychology, University Göttingen, 05.08.-13.09.2013
Kathrin Metzger (AKN), trial internship, 03.-07.06.2013
Shoba Kapoor (DAG), MSc. Biology, University Göttingen, 13.05.-28.06.2013
Laura Geurts (SMG), MSc. Neurosciences, University Göttingen, 06.05.-28.06.2013
Anna von Agris (SMG), trial internship, 15.04.-31.05.2013