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Publications (since 2005)

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Hörneer F; Lawrenz A; Damerau K; Oerke A-K; Santos SB; Hard T; Müller DWH; Preisfeld G. Behaviour and social bonds of African elephant calves under different holding systems in European zoos. JZAR.

Mustill RL; Higham JP; Weyer AH; Heistermann M; Gunson JL; Govaerts A; Siame S; Hillegas ME; Winters S; Dubuc C; Petersdorf M. Female parity, sexual signalling, and sexual behaviour in the Kinda baboon (Papio kindae). In: Wallis J (ed.), Baboons: Behaviour, Ecology, and Taxonomy, Cambridge University Press.



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Hoerner F; Rendle-Worthington J; Lawrenz A; Oerke A.-K.; Damerau K; Borragán Santos S; Hard T; Preisfeld G (2023). Differences in mother-infant bond and social behavior of African elephant calves living in situ and ex situ. Animals 13: 3051. - PDF available via open access -

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Murillo T; Schneider D; Heistermann M; Daniel R; Fichtel C. (2022). Assessing the drivers of gut microbiome composition in wild redfronted lemurs via longitudinal metacommunity analysis. Sci Rep 12: 21462. - PDF available via open access -

Behringer V; Berghänel A; Deschner T; Lee SM; Fruth B; Hohmann G (2022). Transition to siblinghood causes substantial and long-lasting physiological stress reactions in wild bonobos. eLife 11: e77227. - PDF available via open access -

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Sonnweber R; Stevens JMG; Hohmann G; Deschner T; Behringer V (2022). Blood testosterone levels in sickness and health: male chimpanzee testosterone levels decrease in face of an immune challenge. Am J Primatol 84: e23334. - PDF available via open access -

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Lee DS; Knittel T; Deschner T; Heistermann M; Higham JP (2022). Testing the role of testosterone versus estrogens in mediating reproductive transitions in female rhesus macaques. Horm Behav 139: 105123.

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Hambrecht S; Oerke A-K; Heistermann M; Hartig J; Dierkes PW (2021). Effects of positive reinforcement training and novel object exposure on salivary cortisol levels under consideration of individual variation in captive African elephants (Loxodonta africana). Animals 11: 3525.  - PDF available via open access -

Behringer V; Müller-Klein N; Strube C; Schülke O; Heistermann M; Ostner J. Responsiveness of fecal immunoglobulin A to HPA-axis activation limits its use for mucosal immunity assessment. Am J Primatol 83: e23329. - PDF available via open access -

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Shutt-Phillips K; Pafco B; Heistermann M; Kasim A; Petrzelkova K; Profousová-Psenková I; Modry D; Todd A; Fuh T; Dicky J-F; Bopalanzognako J-B; Setchell J (2021). Fecal glucocorticoids and gastrointestinal parasite infections in wild western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) involved in ecotourism. Gen Comp Endocrinol 312: 113859.

Sugianto NA; Heistermann M; Newman C; Macdonald DW; Buesching CD (2021). Alternative reproductive strategies provide a flexible mechanism for assuring mating success in the European badgers (Meles meles): an investigation from hormonal measures. Gen Comp Endocrinol 310: 113823.

Behringer V; Deimel C; Stevens JMG; Kreyer M; Lee S; Hohmann G; Fruth B; Heistermann M (2021). Cell-mediated immune ontogeny is affected by sex but not environmental context in a long-lived primate species. Front Ecol Evol 9: 629094. - PDF available via open access -

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Higham JP; Kimock C; Mandalaywala T; Heistermann M; Cascio J; Petersdorf M; Winters S; Allen W; Dubuc C (2021). Female ornaments: is red skin color attractive to males and related to condition in rhesus macaques? Behav Ecol 32: 236-247. - PDF available via open access -

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Fürtbauer I; Christensen C; Bracken A; O`Riain JM; Heistermann M; King A (2020). Energetics at the urban edge: Environmental and individual predictors of urinary C-peptide levels in wild chacma baboons (Papio ursinus). Horm Behav 126: 104846.

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