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Lecture WS Winter Term 2016/17

(mondays, 16:15-18:00, old DPZ lecture hall)

DateTopic [lecturer]Changes

Oct 17

Introduction & Seminar organisation [AG]Ends at 17:00

Oct 24

Senses, action, and the brain [AG]

Oct 25

Retinal & visual pathways [AG]

Tuesday 8:15-10:00 (Replaces Seminar)
Oct 31

Primary visual cortex [AG]

Nov 07

Features, forms, and visual objects [AG]

Nov 14

No LectureNo Lecture
Nov 21

Neural encoding and decoding [HS]

Nov 28

Sensorimotor transformation [HS]

Dec 05

Processing of visual motion [ST]Lecture will take place from 15:15 to 17:00
DPZ MFG (Multifunktionsgebäude) Seminar room (E0.14)

Dec 12

Attention 1 [ST]

Dec 19

Attention 2 [ST]

Jan 09

Adaptation [ST]

Jan 16

Decision making [HS]

Jan 23

Motor neuroprosthetics [HS]

Jan 30

auxiliary date

Feb 20,

Exam, old DPZ lecture hall (16:15)

Apr 3,

Exam (re-sit), old DPZ lecture hall (16:15)


(tuesdays, 8:15-10:00, old DPZ lecture hall)

Date Topic [lecturer] Student a Student b Changes
Oct 18      

No Seminar

Oct 25

Lecture instead of Seminar

    Lecture instead of Seminar (Retinal & visual pathways [AG])
Nov 01

S01 Retinal processing & Prosthetics [AG]

Nov 08

S02 Primary visual cortex [AG]

Nov 15      

No Seminar

Nov 22

S04 Features, forms, and objects [AG]

Nov 29

S05 Neural encoding and decoding [HS]

Dec 06

S10 Sensorimotor transformation [HS]

    DPZ MFG (Multifunktionsgebäude) Seminar room (E0.14)
Dec 13

S06 Processing of visual motion [ST]

Dec 20

S07 Attention 1 [ST]

Jan 10

S08 Attention 2 [ST]

Jan 17

S09 Adaptation [ST]

Jan 24

S11 Decision making [HS]

Jan 31

S12 Motor neuroprosthetics [HS]

    Canceled! Annulliert!

Last update: Feb. 15, 2017