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Lecture and Seminar „From Vision to Action“ 20/21

The lecture will be in English. Exams may be taken in German or English.

Updated information is additionally available on the PsychoBlog

ATTENTION: You have to register yourself for the replacement date or the second date of a canceled exam!

The planned exam in February will NOT take place. The examination office will enter a so-called "Zurückweisung" for all students who are already registered for this date in FlexNow. This has no effect on the course of your studies or the count of your examination attempts.

The lecture and seminar sessions of this course will be held online in Zoom (link will be made available in StudIP). The lectures will be recorded and uploaded in Stud-IP. Seminars will not be recorded.

This website is continually updated, whenever new information becomes available.

Lecture (2 SWS) and Seminar (2 SWS)

The lecture and seminars are held online.

The lecture series From Vision to Action will provide an introduction to visual processing and action planning in the central nervous system of primates. We will provide an overview over the different processing stages along the two major visual processing streams, leading to object perception on the one hand, and providing the basis for movement planning on the other. We will put special emphasis on the discussion of general design and coding principles. Additionally, we will discuss how improved knowledge in neuroscience can lead to clinical applications, like visual and motor neuroprosthetics or improved neuropsychological programs.

The course can be completed either with the seminar (Module M.Psy.901) or without the seminar (Module M.Bio.350).

Seminar (Module M.Psy.901)

The elective module Vision to Action (M.Psy.901) of the Psychology Master program is composed of both the lecture and seminar.

The seminar provides students with deeper insights in selected topics based predominantly on original research papers, examined and presented by seminar participants. Seminar topics are linked to lecture topics, but the content goes much further into detail and requires more intensive examination of those topics.

The lecture and seminar are relevant for the written module exam at the end of the semester.

Seminar space allocation (Module M.Psy.901)

The allocation of the seminar places will be determined during the preparatory meeting. The possibility of attending the seminar is only confirmed if you are informed personally by email or during the preparatory meeting (see lecture schedule). Available slots for the seminar of module M.Psy.901 are given primarily to students of Psychology Master program.

Due to the semester-accompanying seminar, the module M.Psy.901 requires on-site attendance during the semester.

Important: seminar space allocation does not replace module registration in FlexNow for the selected participants.

Students from other programs

The lecture is also suitable and open to other interested students, e.g. from medicine or neuroinformatics. Guest students who can not register for the module otherwise, please register by email at the beginning of the semester.

Location and dates

This semester, lectures take place online and seminars take place in the main lecture hall of the DPZ. Exceptions to individual appointments will be announced on the lecture schedule page.

Please pay attention to future updates on this page.


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