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Dr. Benjamin Dann

Postdoctoral Scientist

Research Group Neurobiology

+49 551 3851-484


Main building room 231

Kellnerweg 4
37077 Göttingen

I am a practical electrophysiologist specialized on multi-electrode array cortical recordings of behaving monkeys. My special interest is on:

  • Functional connectivity of in parallel recorded neurons (spike correlations) or recording sides (field-field coherence, Granger causality) across different cortical areas.
  • Topological analyses (graph theoretical measures) of the complex network structure of functional connectivity.
  • Population coding of large neuronal populations analyzing their high dimensional neuronal state space.
  • Decision making following higher cognitive rules using the previous described methods. 
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Intveld RW, Dann B, Michaels JA, Scherberger H (2018).Neural coding of intended and executed grasp force in macaque areas AIP, F5, and M1. Scientific Reports:1–16.

Michaels JA*, Dann B*, Intveld RW, Scherberger H (2018) *Equal contribution. Neural Dynamics of Variable Grasp-Movement Preparation in the Macaque Frontoparietal Network. J Neurosci 38:5759–5773.

Michaels JA, Dann B, Scherberger H (2016). Neural Population Dynamics during Reaching Are Better Explained by a Dynamical System than Representational Tuning. PLoS Comput Biol 12:e1005175–22.

Dann B, Michaels JA, Schaffelhofer S, Scherberger H (2016). Uniting functional network topology and oscillations in the fronto-parietal single unit network of behaving primates. Elife 5:2870.

Michaels JA, Dann B, Intveld RW, Scherberger H (2015). Predicting Reaction Time from the Neural State Space of the Premotor and Parietal Grasping Network. J Neurosci 35:11415–11432.

Takagaki K, Lippert MT, Dann B, Wanger T, Ohl FW (2008). Normalization of Voltage-Sensitive Dye Signal with Functional Activity Measures Mansvelder HD, ed. PLoS ONE 3:e4041–12.

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