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In this research topic we are involved in the analysis of genome sequences of different primates species and use this information to investigate their genetic variability, evolution and adaptation.

Selected Projects

  • Participation in various primate genome projects
  • Use of SNPs for population genetic issues



Rogers et al. (2019) The comparative genomics and complex population history of Papio baboons. Sci Adv 5(1): eaau6947


Carbone et al. (2014): Gibbon genome and the fast karyotype evolution of small apes. Nature 513: 195-201

Zhou et al. (2014): Whole-genome sequencing of the snub-nosed monkey provides insights into folivory and evolutionary history. Nat Genet 46(12): 1303-1310


Prof. Dr. Lutz Walter

Prof. Dr. Lutz Walter +49 551 3851-161 +49 551 3851-372 Contact

Prof. Dr. Christian Roos

Prof. Dr. Christian Roos +49 551 3851-300 +49 551 3851-372 Contact