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Biodiversity & Evolutionary Genetics

We work on the assessment of biodiversity, the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships among primates on different taxonomic levels and on the description of phylogeographic patterns.

Selected Projects:

  • Universal marker systems (sex determination, parasite detection, biodiversity assessment)
  • Molecular phylogeny of primates
  • Conservation genetics of Vietnamese primates
  • Comparative phylogeny and phylogeography of Asian catarrhine primates
  • Hybridization in primates


  • Mitochondrial DNA (cytochrome b, D-loop, genomes)
  • Nuclear DNA (marker genes, genomes)
  • PCR-based marker amplification
  • DNA enrichment
  • Sanger sequencing
  • High-throughput sequencing (WGS, RAD-seq, Amplicon-Seq)


PD Dr. Christian Roos

PD Dr. Christian Roos Senior Scientist +49 551 3851-300 +49 551 3851-372 Contact Profile