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Biodiversity & Evolutionary Genetics

We work on the assessment of biodiversity, the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships among primates on different taxonomic levels and the description of phylogeographic patterns using molecular genetic methods.

Selected Projects:

  • Universal marker systems (sex determination, parasite detection, biodiversity assessment)
  • Molecular phylogeny of primates
  • Conservation genetics of Vietnamese primates
  • Comparative phylogeny and phylogeography of Asian catarrhine primates
  • Hybridization in primates


  • Mitochondrial DNA (cytochrome b, D-loop, genomes)
  • Nuclear DNA (marker genes, genomes)
  • PCR-based marker amplification
  • DNA enrichment
  • Sanger sequencing
  • High-throughput sequencing (WGS, RAD-seq, Amplicon-Seq)
  • High-throughput SNP typing


PD Dr. Christian Roos

PD Dr. Christian Roos Senior Scientist +49 551 3851-300 +49 551 3851-372 Contact Profile