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So far, variation in cognitive abilities has been studied mainly with regard to species differences. To this area of research, we contribute comparative data on the socio-cognitive plesiomorphy of basal primates.
We carry out these studies on lemurs held at the DPZ and Affenwald Straussberg, but also on several species in Madagascar.
Additionally, we study the causes and consequences of individual variation in cognitive abilities within primates and carnivores. To this end, we combine cognitive tests on wild animals with experiments to determine personality traits, as well as measurements of various fitness indices. Furthermore, we also examine how lemurs coordinate joint activities and how they resolve conflicts.

Current Projects

Socio-cognitive plesiomorphy of basal primates

Cognition in the wild

Group coordination and inter-group conflicts



Socio-cognitive plesiomorphy of basal primates

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Cognition in the wild

Rasolofoniaina B, Fichtel C (in prep) Cognitive abilities of narrow-striped mongooses

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Group coordination and inter-group conflicts

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Behavioral Biology

Evolution of social systems


Cognition & Coordination


Life history

Population ecology