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The Stem Cell Biology Unit offers trainings, seminars and lectures for students of medicine, molecular medicine and biology.

Stem Cell Seminar:
Stem Cells: Biological basics and possible clinical applications.

Every term on Wednesday, 4:15 pm to 5:45 pm.

Presentation and discussion of different types of stem cells (with focus on pluripotent stem cells), their derivation and possible clinical applications. The seminar includes the presentation of original literature, the presentation and discussion of projects of the Stem Cell Biology Unit and demonstrations in the lab. Besides to scientific discussions also legal and ethical aspects are addressed. The language of the seminar is German.

Module Cell Seminar:
The Stem Cell Biology Unit participates in the module Cell Biology of the master programme Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology. The module is offered together with working groups of the University and Max Planck Institutes. Course No. 630884.

Occasionally anatomy is taught in the histological anatomy courses at the Anatomy centre.

Please send an email to R. Behr (rbehr(at)dpz.eu) with explaining your interest in and motivation for an internship. The minimal duration of the internship should be eight weeks.