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Facts and figures

Here are some facts and figures that we have prepared for you: we compared the number of experimental animals with that of other official animal numbers, we provide you with legal documents and results of opinion polls concerning animal experiments from the largest institutes in Europe.

Laws and regulations

A legal text. Photo: Tim Reckmann/Pixelio.de

Here you can find legal documents and other information concerning the implementation of the German and European animal protection laws at the DPZ.

Laws and regulations

Experimental animals in numbers


Here you will find explanations and interpretations of the official annual German animal research numbers of the Ministry of Agriculture for the previous year.

Experimental animals in numbers

Experimental animal numbers 2018 by German federal states

Here you will find a fact sheet of the initiative of German science "Tierversuche verstehen" with numbers of laboratory animals for whole Germany and the individual federal states.

Fact Sheet 

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