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Frequently asked questions

The following list contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). We would like to use the page to answer your questions concerning animal research. Many of the questions are general questions and the answers therefore apply to a variety of animal experiments. In these texts you will obviously find many answers that have particular relevance to the situation at the German Primate Center (DPZ), as scientists clarify research questions on and about primates.

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Quiz: Ten questions on animal research

A lab rat. Photo: Understanding Animal Research

Why are animal experiments necessary? Where do the research animals come from and when is it allowed to use animals for experiments? Test your knowledge in our Quiz. Ten questions await you! For some of the question, more than one answer can be correct.

Animal research quiz

Das Bild zeigt Uwe Schönmann
Das Startbild des virtuellen Rundgangs mit Uwe Schönmann. Screenshot: Sylvia Siersleben

The interactive tour guides the visitors to the husbandry and breeding facilities of the DPZ and provides a lot of information about monkey species, hygiene regulations and the daily work of veterinarians, animal caretakers and scientists.

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