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Training to become an animal keeper

The job of an animal keeper is for many young people at the top of their list of dream jobs. The essential part of this job is the intensive interaction with animals. However, the daily routine of this job does not only include cuddling with the animals but it is associated with a large portion of responsibility. Due to the very strict hygiene requirements to improve overall health of the animals as well as the employees, very careful and clean work is required. With their expertise, the animal keepers ensure a proper and conscientious handling of the animals.

At the German Primate Center, animal keepers specialize in the field of “research and clinical practice”. To benefit animals and humans, these animal keepers form an important link in the animal experimental research.

During your training as an animal keeper for research and clinical practice, you will learn:

  • the appropriate husbandry and care of animals that are kept for research pur-poses
  • how to clean animal accommodations and facilities - basis of hygiene management
  • about behavior, systematics, anatomy and physiology of the individual animal groups
  • breeding and rearing of animals
  • how to assist during treatments and how to perform minor procedures
  • how to collect data with the use of computer software


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