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The German Primate Center is the only institute in Germany where primates are bred for scientific purposes and are made available for experimental research throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

As a central infrastructural facility, the Primate Husbandry is an essential guarantee of the services of the German Primate Center. This includes extensive services ranging from breeding, husbandry, veterinary diagnostics to care of the animals.

Hamadryas baboons in the outdoor enclosure at the DPZ. Photo: Anton Säckl
Hamadryas baboons in the outdoor enclosure at the DPZ. Photo: Anton Säckl

The DPZ offers a variety of services to other institutes. The numerous tasks include the acquisition and quarantine of imported primates and the delivery of animals from DPZ breeding groups. Veterinary measures comprise the veterinary care of primates at the DPZ and of external animals as well as diagnostic activities and consulting (pathology, microbiology, parasitology, laboratory diagnostics).

All the animal experiments are monitored and supported by veterinarians. As part of the various tasks, biological samples for numerous internal and external institutions and research groups are obtained and offered.

Numerous guided tours, education, training measures and further education in the Primate Husbandry convey a practical insight into the activities of the animal keepers, technicians, biologists and veterinarians.


Uwe Schönmann

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