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Veterinary care

One main focus at the DPZ is the complete veterinary supply of the animals. The spectrum covers everything from small ailments to major surgery.

For the correct diagnose it is important to know each animal well. The daily monitoring and care of the primates by experienced and considerate animal care staff and technical assistants is the main prerequisite for the detection of behavioural changes caused by illness.

Periodic health examination and medical check ups performed by the veterinarians complete the individual surveillance.

Ultrasound examination of a common marmoset. Photo: DPZ
Ultrasound examination of a common marmoset. Photo: DPZ

One major topic of veterinary care is the prevention of diseases and of their spreading. Especially the mutual transmission of diseases between monkeys and humans has to be avoided.

The special veterinary expertise of this department is also provided to other institutions and animal husbandries. As a service to external investigators working on primates, or as a support for researchers, authorities, institutions, industrial companies, zoos, or private persons,  counseling, examination and treatment of animals can be offered.

The breeding groups housed at DPZ ensure provision with healthy animals for the work of in-house as well as external scientists, corresponding to the requirements of their respective research projects.


Dr. Tamara Becker Veterinarian +49 551 3851-371 +49 551 3851-442 Contact

Dr. Annette Schrod Veterinarian +49 551 3851-230 +49 551 3851-442 Contact

Birgit Kamp Veterinarian +49 551 3851-381 +49 551 3851-442 Contact

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