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Red titi monkey

Scientific namePlecturocebus cupreus
Head-body length30-40 cm
Tail length40-48 cm
Body mass750-1000 g
Distributionwestern Amazonia (south of Rio Napo and Rio Solimões between Andes and Rio Purús)
Habitattropical rain forest of terra-firme type
Dietfruits, seeds, leaves, arthropods, nectar/flowers
Social organizationfamilies conformed of an adult pair and up to 3, rarely 4 offspring of different ages
Mating systemmonogamy
Gestation length and infant care~150 days; infants carried almost exclusively by father
Social behaviorresting in body contact is the most frequent affiliative behavior; tail twining
Communicationconspicuous duet calls, mainly in the early morning
Home-range size10-20 ha
Predatorsconfirmed (at other sites): eagles, snakes, capuchin monkeys; suspected: cats
Red titi monkey
Red titi monkey