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EBQB is located in the Amazon lowlands of north-eastern Peru, ca. 90 km south-southeast of Iquitos. Travel to EBQB is waterways by local transport and our own small boats with outboard motors. All food has to be brought in from Iquitos. Hygienically immaculate drinking water is available from a small stream close to the field station. The station is equipped with solar panels; this allows for running laptops and small electronic devices as well as re-charging batteries for electronic devices and headlamps. A trail system (100 m x 100 m-quadrants) facilitates access to an area of ca. 1.2 km².

The station provides medium- and long term space for ca. 6 researchers and students; on short term (2-3 weeks) up to 10 persons can be housed. Two local field assistants support the research activities.