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Beck, J.; Hennecke, S.; Bornemann-Kolatzki, K.; Urnovitz, H. B.; Neumann, S.; Ströbel, P. et al.
Genome aberrations in canine mammary carcinomas and their detection in cell-free plasma DNA.
In: PLoS ONE 8 (9), S. e75485.

Coscolla, M.; Lewin, A.; Metzger, S.; Mätz-Rensing, K.; Calvignac-Spencer, S.; Nitsche, A. et al.
Novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolate from a wild chimpanzee.
In: Emerg Infect. Dis. 19 (6), S. 969-976.

Gruber-Dujardin, E.; Jurczynski, K.; Kaup F-J; Mätz-Rensing, K.
Oncocytic adrenocortical carcinoma in a putty-nosed monkey (Cercopithecus nictitans) with hyperadrenocorticism.
In: J. Comp. Pathol. 149 (4), S. 509-513.

Harper, K.; Knauf, S.
Treponema pallidum infection in primates: clinical manifestations, epidemiology, and evolution of a stealthy pathogen.
Unter Mitarbeit von Knauf, S.
In: Brinkworth JF, Pechenkina K (ed.) Primates, Pathogens, and Evolution: Series: Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects, Bd. 38, S. 189-219.

Hermes, M.; Albrecht, C.; Schrod, A.; Brameier, M.; Walter, L.
Expression patterns of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) of NK-cell and T-cell subsets in Old World monkeys.
In: PLoS ONE 8 (5), S. e64936.

Hoffmann, R.; Kaup, F.-J.; Bleyer, M.
Atypical cilia in the respiratory tract of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) with and without concurrent lung disease.
In: Exp. Lung Res. 39 (9), S. 410-414.

Kirchner, S.; Mätz-Rensing, K; Dorner, M. B.; Leendertz, F. H.; Dorner, B. G.; Leendertz, S. A. J.
Necrotizing endometritis and isolation of an alpha-toxin producing strain of Clostridium septicum in a wild sooty mangabey from Côte d'Ivoire.
In: J. Med. Primatol. 42 (4), S. 220-224.

Knauf, S.; Liu, H.; Harper, K. N.
Treponemal infection in nonhuman primates as possible reservoir for human yaws.
In: Emerging infectious diseases 19 (12), S. 2058-2060.

Krasemann, S.; Mearini, G.; Krämer, E.; Wagenführ, K.; Schulz-Schaeffer, W.; Neumann, M. et al.
BSE-associated prion-amyloid cardiomyopathy in primates.
In: Emerging infectious diseases 19 (6), S. 985-988.

Montag, J.; Schulz-Schaeffer, W.; Schrod, A.; Hunsmann, G.; Motzkus, D.
Asynchronous onset of clinical disease in BSE-infected macaques.
In: Emerging infectious diseases 19 (7), S. 1125-1127.

Prachar, C.; Kaup, F.-J.; Neumann, S.
Soluble interleukin 2 receptor-alpha (sIL-2Rα) in the peripheral blood of dogs - Comparison of malignant neoplasia with other diseases.
In: Open J. Vet. Med 3 (2), S. 176-183.

Prachar, C.; Kaup, F.-J.; Neumann, S.
Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1ß) in the peripheral blood of dogs as possible marker for the detection of early stages of inflammation.
In: Open J. Vet. Med. 3 (7), S. 302-308.

Sasseville, V. G.; Mankowski, J. L.; Baldessari, A.; Harbison, C.; Laing, S.; Kaliyaperumal, S. et al.
Meeting report: emerging respiratory viral infections and nonhuman primate case reports.
In: Vet. Pathol. 50 (6), S. 1145-1153.

Schaudien, D.; Flieshardt, C.; Moser, I.; Tipold, A.; Bleyer, M.; Hewicker-Trautwein, M.; Baumgärtner, W.
An unusual case of spinal cord restricted mycobacteriosis in a European mink.
In: Tierärztliche Praxis 41 (1), S. 63-66.

Seidel, V.; Hoffmann, R.; Braun, A.; Seehase, S.; Knauf, S.; Kaup, F.-J.; Bleyer, M.
Distribution and morphology of Clara cells in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus).
In: J. Med. Primatol. 42 (2), S. 79-88.

West, K. A.; Heymann, E. W.; Mueller, B.; Gillespie, T. R.
Patterns of infection with Cryptosporidium sp. and Giardia sp. in three species of free-ranging primates in the Peruvian Amazon.
In: Int J Primatol 34 (5), S. 939-945.

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