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The working group 'Pathology of non-human primates' works on different aspects of non-human primate diseases. Besides animal models , e. g. pox virus infections in marmosets, spontaneous infectious diseases such as echinococcosis, tuberculosis or tularemia are part of the investigations. But also non-infectious disease entities as the marmost wasting syndrome of marmosets and endometriosis of rhesus macaques are included in our research. 

Dr. Kerstin Mätz- Rensing Head of Pathology Unit / Veterinary pathologist 0551 3851 386 Contact

Dr. Martina Bleyer Veterinary pathologist +49 551 3851 278 +49 551 3851 442 Contact

Eva Gruber-Dujardin Veterinary pathologist +49 551 3851-127 +49 551 3851 442 Contact