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The parasitology lab is affiliated to the necropy hall and enables diagnostics of a broad spectrum of parasitological infectious agents to clarify etiological questions. Queries from internal and external submitters are processed.

Please collect fresh fecal samples and submit them in stool specimen collectors when parasitological examination is requested. Larger sample numbers should be announced beforehand due to limited processing capacities.

Parasitological examination includes microscopy of the native sample, enrichment (sedimentation), and ELISA tests for detection of Giardia lamblia und Entamoeba histolytica. Results are generally available within 2-3 working days.

The submission form for parasitological examination can be downloaded here:

Submission form (English)

Please contact us via Pathologie-DPZ(at)dpz.eu if you plan to send in samples. We will be happy to advise on shipping arrangements and recommend express delivery in urgent cases.

Pentastomiasis in a long-tailed macaque
Massive visceral pentastomiasis in a long-tailed macaque (source: DPZ).