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EU Research Funding

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Home

- Starting Out - Initial Training Networks, ITN

- Research & Career Development - Individual Fellowships, IF    
     European Fellowships (EF):
     - open to researchers moving within Europe, or coming in from other parts of the world
     - can restart a research career after a break, such as parental leave
     - can help researchers coming back to Europe find a new position
     These Fellowships are held in the EU or associated countries and last for one to two years.
     Global Fellowships (GF):
     - fund positions outside Europe for researchers based in the EU or associated countries
     - last between two and three years
     - the researcher comes back for one year to the EU or associated countries
     Both EF & GF can include a secondment period of up to three or six months in another
     organisation in Europe.

- Staff Exchanges - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange, RISE

ERC - European Research Council