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Field Station


Centre de Recherche de Primatologie Simenti

We operate a field station in the Parc National de Niokolo Koba (PNNK) in Senegal since april 2007. Research activities focus on a group of Guinea baboons comprising more than 300 individuals with a home range spanning about 25 km². Several individuals are fitted with radio or GPS collars. We perform half- and full-day observations together with our senegalese field assistants.

Das Centre de Recherche de Primatologie (CRP) Simenti was founded in cooperation with the National Park Administration (DPN) as well as the Department of the Environment (MEPN). Moreover, we cooperate with the Université Cheikh Anta Diop as well as with the École Inter-États des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires (EISMV; both in Dakar).




Our aims are to understand the ecology of Guinea baboons and to analyse their social organisation, mating patterns and social relationships. Moreover, we aim to characterize their communicative behavior. 

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Research Program

Together with the Senegalese field assistants, we conduct full and half day follows. We combine behavioural observations, analysis of ranging patterns using GPS data, population genetics, acoustic analyses and phenological data to examine the relation among ecology, social system and vocal behaviour. A specific focus is on the seasonal changes in ecology and social organisation. In addition, we study the vocal behaviour of the green monkeys. Within a comparative framework, our goal is to identify the selective pressures and constraints that shape primate social and vocal behaviour. We are particularly interested in uncovering the cognitive underpinnings of life in a complex social system and how the vocal communication is used to coordinate group movement.