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Some basic rules for life in Simenti

This project is based on three main pillars:

  • Respect for the baboons and the environment
  • Respect for the Senegalese people and their culture
  • Respect for each other

Some basic rules that will help to achieve this:

  • Be respectful of local traditions
  • Limit public consumption of cigarettes, beer and wine and keep it in the area between the project huts (and never in view of the mosque). Hard liquor should be handled discretely in camp. All other drugs are illegal in Senegal
  • No tight or revealing clothing should be worn in public, including between and around the researcher huts (e.g. shorts and skirts should cover the knees, shirts should reach the pants or skirt, avoid skin-tight clothing)
  • Care should be taken to show respect towards people in any kind of situation, even if that respect may, in rare cases, not be returned. This is especially important for women when talking to and interacting with men
  • Live and eat with park staff as this helps the social contact
  • Drive carefully in- and outside the park (maximum speed is 40km/h and 90km/h, respectively). Seat belts must be worn when driving. Do not carry anybody in the back of the car outside the park. Do not overload the car (maximum charge 1.3 tons)
  • Do not provide prescription medication to other people. We do share basic medical supplies, however