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Conversation series with academics at different levels of their career focusing on the sometimes short, sometimes long and winding roads behind the “official CV”.

Julia Fischer erzählt in "SWR2 Wissen" wie Affen mit kranken Artgenossen umgehen

Vocal learning leads to modification of call structure in a multi-level baboon society

Field research continues

Julia Fischer's nterview with the "La nueva Ilustración Evolucionista" blog

From October 1, 2020 she will take over the office together with Reinhard Hüttl

What makes humans human? While other animals also learn, use tools, communicate, and cooperate, the human mind seems to be distinctly different from that of other animals. (German link)

The research network jointly established by the German Primate Center and the University of Göttingen will be funded for further four years after successful evaluation

Review article by DPZ researchers discuss vocal communication in primates

Review article on baboon research published