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Social comparison

Humans frequently compare themselves to others and such social comparisons affect how we feel, perform or attend to a task. Little is known about the evolutionary origins of social comparisons, however. In this project, we explored whether and how task performance of others influenced monkeys’ task performance in different setups.

Associated publications

Keupp S, Abedin F, Jeanson L, Kade C, Kalbitz J, Titchener R, Mussweiler T, Bugnyar T & Fischer J (accepted)
Performance-based social comparisons in humans and long-tailed macaques
un-corrected author copy available here

Keupp S, Titchener R, Bugnyar T, Mussweiler T & Fischer J (2019)
Competition is crucial for social comparison processes in long-tailed macaques
Biology Letters, 15,20180784  - DOI -

Schmitt V, Federspiel I, Eckert J, Keupp S, Tschernek L, Faraut L, Schuster R, Michels C, Sennhenn-Reulen H, Bugnyar T, Mussweiler T & Fischer J (2016)
Do monkeys compare themselves to others?
Animal Cognition, 20(2), 417-428  - DOI -