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Working schedule and fieldwork

All members of the team work six days per week, with one resting day per week. The work time is from 6:30-7:00 to 13:00 in the morning, depending on the time of sunrise. In addition to the work in the field, all researchers have additional tasks at camp, such as data cleaning, lab work, and camp cleaning and maintenance. During the rainy season, the work gets significantly more difficult as the forest is flooded in several places and becomes very dense.

All team members are required to follow the work manual and collect long-term data for future use by the project (including demography information, proximity scans, focal protocols, ad libitum data, census and social event data, event log, meteorology, collection and processing of hormone and genetic samples, etc.).

Once a month, each member of the team can take a couple of days off in Tamba (the closest city) to rest and be able to buy basic necessities. The project has two pickup trucks that are used for travelling in and out of the park for work purposes and for fieldwork. Thus, a driver’s licence is crucial.