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Travelling to Senegal and Simenti

Researchers can fly to/from Dakar with Air France, Iberia, Air Maroc, TAP, Turkish, Brussels Airlines, Air Senegal, etc. Researchers should get a ticket that allows them to take 2x23kg to bring additional equipment for the project when needed.

The new International Airport Blaise Diagne (AIBD) opened in December 2017. The AIBD is located in Ndiass, ca. 50 km from Dakar. There are several modes of transport from the AIBD to Dakar, including regular lines Dakar Dem Dikk (ca. 1000 CFA), Public shuttles Dakar Dem Dikk (ca. 6000 CFA), and public taxis (12 000-18000 CFA + 4.000FCFA of tolls).


The project has several known and recommended hotel/auberge accommodation in Dakar ranging from 20000 to 40000 CFA per night. Taxi fares in Dakar should be 1.000-3.000 FCFA. Taking the bus is also an option if you know what bus to take and where to get off (you can get information from local people). As an example, if a taxi ride costs 3.000 FCFA, the bus should only cost 250 FCFA. Note that you must carry your passport with you everywhere! The police can stop you and ask you for it. If you don’t have it, you risk spending the night in a local police station.

Researchers can travel from Dakar to Tamba via two main ways. The drive to Tamba in a sept-place (old 7-seat Peugeot) costs about 9.500 FCFA (plus luggage: 2 suitcases cost ca. 2.000-3.000 FCFA) and takes around 8 hours. Another option is the daily busses of Salam Transports that are quite safe and comfortable (air-conditioned, comfy seats, mandatory safety belts, luggage stored on the lower compartments of the bus). The ticket cost 9.000FCFA with one piece of luggage included (extra pieces of luggage cost 1000FCFA/piece) and the ride takes around 9 hours.

In Tamba we rent a flat in a part of town close to the regional and military hospitals (in Quinze-ans Bougou). We have three rooms with several beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen (it is possible to cook in the flat) and an outdoor area with tables and chairs. There is also a fridge where it is possible to store some food. Internet connection and phone is also available at the apartment. From Tamba, researchers will be picked up by the camp manager or other researchers and transported to the CRP Simenti field station with the project cars.