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Teaching Winter Semester 2023/24


  • Good scientific practice (weekly, Wed, 1800 - 1900 h)
    Module B.Bio.190.1 VL Good scientific practice
    Module B.Biochem.490.1 Good scientific pracitce (VL)
    Target group 2nd or 3rd year students; registration via FlexNow
  • Evolution biology (weekly, Thu, 1615 - 1745 h)
    Location A.-v.-H.-Instiute Building
    Room MN35 small lecture hall


  • Scientific project management
    Module B.Bio.190.2 Scientific project management; registration via FlexNow
  • Project application neurobiology
    Module B.Bio.190.2 Scientific project management

Block courses


  • Advanced module "Social behavior, communication and cognition"
    Module M.Bio.318.Mp Social behavior, communication and cognition (advanced module)
  • Advance course neurobiology (experimental internship)
    Module B.Bio.156.1 Internship Neurobiology