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Additional information for field assistants and students

A complete tropical aptitude medical examination is required before the trip. All applicants must be physically extremely fit (i.e., able to walk briskly over long distances in the heat) and fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 (3-shots), as well as being vaccinated for other diseases found in the tropics. Some prior knowledge of French is highly encouraged. Prior experience studying animal behaviour and working in the field is gives you a high advantage in the selection process. A driver's licence is a necessary requirement.

The training process is intensive, and therefore we require a long stay (12 months minimum), so that we can reap the benefits of the training by collecting sufficiently large amounts of data. We reimburse all project-related traveling and medical expenses after the completion of the 12 months of field work.

We reimburse:

  • Costs for travel upon successful completion of the work. Make sure to submit your planned itinerary and price before booking so we can ok the sum.
  • Costs for medical check-ups, vaccinations (Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Meningitis, Typhus, Diphtheria) and malaria prophylaxis
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Costs of visa applications and/or residency permits.
  • Costs for stay in Dakar and travel costs Dakar-Tamba and back
  • Camp-use cleaning detergent, washing detergent, brushes, sponges, etc. to keep camp clean, including the kitchen, bathrooms, and rooms

We do not reimburse activities or items unrelated to the project (i.e., personal movements and vacations, personal phone calls, etc.). Accommodation at the field site is free but all researchers have to buy their own food (see above).

It is crucial that all expenses are thoroughly documented and all receipts kept and organized as we are not able to reimburse any expenses that are not well documented.

The project provides all necessary equipment for the data collection including binoculars, handhelds, cameras, lab material, GPS devices, and radios. Additional personal field/camp equipment must be purchased by each researcher/volunteer and is not reimbursable.

Necessary items for field work in Simenti are: field clothes (beige, dark green, and brown colours are recommended - no primary colours!); a timer/stopwatch; a hat; a poncho; hiking shoes/boots (waterproof in rainy season); field bag/backpack; a separate or integrated water backpack is recommended!

Necessary items for camp life in Simenti are: portable light; head light; personal electronics; personal medications; sunscreen (odourless; non-perfumed!); non-revealing clothing; bed sheets and pillow.

The most important trait in a field assistant is strong work ethic and the ability to make a firm commitment for the duration of the contract. Please only apply if are able to commit to the project as people backing out last minute or during the initial training are highly damaging to the project (and your own reputation).