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The former Pathology Unit (until December 2017)

The former Pathology Unit (Head: Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Kaup) was part of the Section Infection Research at the German Primate Center (DPZ). The former Pathology Unit conducted pathogenetic studies regarding spontaneous or experimentally induced infectious diseases in non-human primates using morphological methods.


The working group 'Pathology of non-human primates' works on different aspects of non-human primate diseases. Besides animal models , e. g. pox virus infections in marmosets, spontaneous infectious diseases such as echinococcosis, tuberculosis or tularemia are part of the investigations. But also non-infectious disease entities as the marmost wasting syndrome of marmosets and endometriosis of rhesus macaques are included in our research. 

Dr. Kerstin Mätz-Rensing

Dr. Kerstin Mätz-Rensing Scientist/ Veterinary pathologist +49 551 3851 386 +49 551 3851 442 Contact

Dr. Martina Bleyer

Dr. Martina Bleyer Scientist/ Veterinary pathologist +49 551 3851 278 +49 551 3851 442 Contact