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Award ceremony for the DPZ sponsorship prize 2014

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The society for the promotion of the German Primate Center is awarding the DPZ sponsorship prize 2014. The event will be held in German language.


Welcoming remarks
by Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue, Director of the DPZ

Awarding of prizes to Dr. Lydia Luncz and Dr. Stefan Schaffelhofer

by Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Schulz, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the DPZ

Comparative analysis of cultural variation among neighboring chimpanzee communities
Dr. Lydia Luncz
Department of Primatology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

From vision to hand action: Cortical processes for planning and executing hand movements
Dr. Stefan Schaffelhofer
Neurobiology Laboratory, German Primate Center

Reception and buffet

More about the German Primate Center Award...


All interested visitors are welcome. The talks will be aimed at a general audience.

Journey Description


E - Main Entrance/Reception
1 - Managing Board; sections: Infection Biology Unit, Unit of Infection Models, Laboratory Animal Science Unit, Primate Genetics Laboratory, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Unit, Cognitive Ethology Laboratory, Neurobiology Laboratory, Research Coordination, Public Relations, Information Technology, Administration, Technical Support, Library.
2 - Material Delivery/Purchase
3 - Platform Degenerative Diseases
4 - Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
5 - Animal Husbandry
6 - Imaging Center, Functional Imaging Laboratory

Arrival by car

Leave the interstate A7 at exit "Göttingen Nord". Follow the B27 straight ahead in the direction of "Braunlage". After the third traffic light intersection turn right towards "Kliniken". Afterwards turn left onto "Robert-Koch-Straße" direction "Universität Nordbereich/Polizei". At the end of "Robert-Koch-Straße" turn right onto "Otto-Hahn-Straße", direction "Nikolausberg". The first street on the left turn onto "Kellnerweg", follow the signs "Deutsches Primatenzentrum".

Arrival by bus

The footpath from the bus stop "Kellnerweg" to the Main Entrance/Reception: 
From Bus stop "Kellnerweg" (line 21/22 and 23) Cross the road, go in the direction of the bus. At the mailbox, turn left into the footpath and proceed to the end. Turn right into the Kellnerweg. The main entrance of the DPZ is on the left side.

Date and Time 07.01.15 - 18:15 Signup is not required

Location DPZ lecture hall

Contact Dr. Susanne Diederich<br />Communications<br />0551 3851-359<br /><link - - "E-Mail an Susanne Diederich senden."></link>
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