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Ombuds office for good scientific practice

With our research, we strive to find answers to fundamental questions in biology and medicine and to enhance the protection of endangered primate species. To ensure that our research results are of the best possible use for science and society, we promote their transfer, the Open Science movement, the digitization of research data and public outreach. Compliance with the rules of good scientific practice plays a central role in this.

If you as a DPZ employee, scholarship holder or guest have a problem that cannot be solved within the DPZ, you can confidentially contact the University of Göttingen's Ombuds Office for Good Scientific Practice. There, you can seek advice on questions concerning the topic, report suspicious cases and ask for an ombudsperson. An ombudsperson is an impartial arbitrator who settles conflicts that cannot be resolved within an organisation.

The ombudsperson can be contacted in particular if you:

  • have questions about good scientific practice,
  • want to report a suspicion of scientific misconduct and want to be informed about possible steps in the ombudsman procedure
  • are in a conflict which is based on a possible violation of the rules of good scientific practice and need advice and/or mediation.

The head of the ombuds office is obliged to maintain strict confidentiality. Only at the request of the person providing information will she establish contact with the ombudspersons and, for reasons of competence, with other university counselling centres.