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Leibniz Graduate School for Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDIS)

The constantly increasing transmission of novel pathogens into the human population poses a central challenge to future research into infectious diseases. The timely development of preventive and therapeutic approaches is essential to prevent pandemics with potentially devastating medical consequences. The research into novel pathogens requires particular expertise in the molecular, cellular and organismic analysis of infectious processes as well as access to laboratories which provide a high level of biocontainment. The goal of the Leibniz Graduate School for Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDIS) is to provide young scientists with an excellent training in the area of novel pathogens, thereby enabling research to adequately meet future challenges.

Prof. Stefan Pöhlmann Head of the graduate school +49 551 3851-150 +49 551 3851-184 Contact

Kathrin Habenicht

Kathrin Habenicht Coordinator +49 551 3851-155 +49 551 3851-184 Contact