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The new DPZ aktuell is out now!

Issue 1/2024 is available for download
Cover page DPZ aktuell, Layout: Susanne Schumacher

The first issue of 2024 once again has a lot to offer. In an interview, Stefan Schlatt and Rüdiger Behr discuss the opportunities and risks of chimera research. They explain what role primates play in this and look at the topic from an ethical perspective.

The downward trend of recent years continues - the number of laboratory animals in Germany continued to fall in 2022. Nevertheless, there are biomedical issues that can only be researched using live animals and for which there is currently no alternative. In the current issue, you will gain an insight into the newly published laboratory animal figures for 2022. You will also find the DPZ's current animal figures in this issue.

You will also learn about a project by researchers from the DPZ and Harvard University. The researchers are observing the social behaviour of free-ranging bonobos and have discovered that the cooperation of bonobos goes beyond their own social group and extends to social cooperation with other groups. 

This and much more now in issue 1/2024.

Download: 1/2024