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Cuc Phuong Ferret-Badger

Scientific nameMelogale cucphuongensis
DistributionVietnam, Cuc Phuong National Park
Head-body length36 cm
Tail length17 cm
Body mass800 g
Descriptive notes- dark brown pelage, top hair with light tips
- small white patches between eyes and ears
- white black framed stripe from neck to shoulders
- ventral side creamy to light brown
- relative short unicolored tail
- numerous, dark brown and long tactile hair
Habitatprimary forest on limestone formations
Activity patternscrepuscular and nocturnal
Status (IUCN Red List)not evaluated (NE)
Cuc Phuong Ferret-Badger. Photo: Elke Schwierz
Cuc Phuong Ferret-Badger, Melogale cucphuongensis, Photo: Elke Schwierz