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Gray-brown Mouse Lemur

Scientific nameMicrocebus griseorufus
DistributionSouth- und South West Madagascar
Head-body length12 - 13 cm
Tail length14 - 15 cm
Body mass40 - 50 g
Descriptive notes- medium-sized mouse lemur species
- dorsal coat is light gray, split by a cinnamon-colored midline stripe that runs from either the crown or shoulders to the end of the tail
- anterior portion of the ventral coat is light grayish-white, with the posterior portion tending more toward gray
- tail is largely cinnamon above and beige beneath
Habitatspiny forest and dry thorm scrub from the sea level to 250 m
Food and Feedinggums, fruits, flowers, arthropods
Activity patternsnocturnal and arboreal
Social organizationfemales and, less frequently, males associate in same-sex pairs that sometimes combine to form larger sleeping groups
Status (IUCN Red List)least concern (LC)