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Northern Giant Mouse Lemur

Scientific nameMirza zaza
DistributionNorth West Madagascar
Head-body length27 cm
Tail length27 - 28 cm
Body mass290 g
Habitatlowland dry deciduous forest fragments with dense underbrush, transitional subhumid forest, gallery forest and abandoned cashew orchards
Food and Feedingomnivorous, fruits, flowers, buds, gums, insect excretions and animal prey such as insects, spiders, frogs, chameleons and small birds
Activity patternsnocturnal and arboreal
Social organizationsolitary, forms sleeping groups up to four individuals
Mating systempromiscuous
Status (IUCN Red List)endangered (EN)
Northern Giant Mouse Lemur. Photo: D. Haring
Northern Giant Mouse Lemur, Mirza zaza, Photo: D. Haring