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Popa langur

Scientific nameTrachypithecus popa
DistributionSoutheast Asia, central Myanmar
Head-body length50 - 60 cm
Tail length80 cm
Body mass7 - 8 kg
DescriptionThe species is dark brown or gray-brown on the dorsum, with a sharply contrasting gray or whitish venter. Hands and feet are black. From above the elbow, the arms on the dorsal side gradually darken to black hands. The pale underside extends onto the chin and down to the inner side of the arms and thighs. The tail is paler than the back, notably at the base and underside. The face is black with a wide fleshy-white muzzle and broad white rings fully encircling the eyes. The hairs on the head are raised to a crest or are at least long and irregularly structured, but with no parting or whorl behind the brows present. This crest of hair and the forward-facing whiskers give the head a rhomb-like shape.
Habitatdry forests, Mount Popa
Activity patternsarboreal
Status (IUCN Red List)not evaluated (NE)
Popa langur. Trachypithecus popa. Photo: Thaung Win
Popa langur. Trachypithecus popa. Photo: Thaung Win