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Sambirano Mouse Lemur

Scientific nameMicrocebus sambiranensis
DistributionNorth West Madagascar
Head-body length11 - 12 cm
Tail length13,5 - 14,5 cm
Body mass45 g
Descriptive notes- medium-sized mouse lemur
- fur is long and dense, being a bright reddish-cinnamon above with a poorly defined amber midline stripe that extends from just beyond the shoulders to the end of the tail
- ventral coat is dull whitish-beige
- pale patch between the eyes, which are surrounded by dark orbital rings
- crown and ears are amber
Habitathumid and dry forest, occasionally found in disturbed habitats and in forests bordering farmland
Food and Feedingfruits, insects
Activity patternsnocturnal and arboreal
Status (IUCN Red List)endangered (EN)