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Tavaratra Mouse Lemur

Scientific nameMicrocebus tavaratra
DistributionNorth Madagascar
Head-body length12 - 14 cm
Tail length15 - 16 cm
Body mass54 g
Descriptive notes- fur is long and dense, brownish-black dorsally with a distinct brownish-midline stripe that extends either from the crown or from between the shoulders to the base of the tail
- ventral fur is bicolored, a mixture of whitish-beige and gray
- crown and ears are rufous
- area between the eyes is grayish-white and there are distinct black markings around the anterior portions of the orbits
- fur an hands and feet is grayish-white
Habitattropical dry deciduous lowland and gallery forest at elevations of 20 - 250 m, which include deep canyons and steep rugged limestone pinnacles
Food and Feedingfruits, insects
Activity patternsnocturnal and arboreal
Status (IUCN Red List)vulnerable (VU)