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Laboratory Animal Science Course on Non-Human Primates

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FELASA accredited LAS Course on NHP (English)

The work with non-human primates (NHP) in research is challenging and personnel need a highly specialised and thorough education. Until recently, no FELASA accredited LAS course specialising on NHP existed.
The DPZ together with the former European Primate Network (EUPRIM-Net) has developed such a course in accordance with the common education and training framework that was developed by the Expert Working Group (EWG) of the European Commission for the EU to fulfil the requirements under Articles 23, and 24 of Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

Our complete course contents for Function A (carrying out procedures on animals) and B (designing procedures and projects) were developed according to the educational objectives as given in the working document of the EWG and the current FELASA accreditation guidelines from May 2014. The course was accredited by the FELASA in summer 2017. To this date it is the only NHP-specific FELASA course.

Find more information about the course incl. a form for registration here:


Prof. Rabea Hinkel Head of Laboratory Animal Science/ Speaker LAS Course


Prof. Rabea Hinkel / Dr. Björg Pauling

Journey Description


E - Main Entrance/Reception
1 - Managing Board; sections: Infection Biology Unit, Unit of Infection Models, Laboratory Animal Science Unit, Primate Genetics Laboratory, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Unit, Cognitive Ethology Laboratory, Neurobiology Laboratory, Research Coordination, Public Relations, Information Technology, Administration, Technical Support, Library.
2 - Material Delivery/Purchase
3 - Platform Degenerative Diseases
4 - Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
5 - Animal Husbandry
6 - Imaging Center, Functional Imaging Laboratory

Arrival by car

Leave the interstate A7 at exit "Göttingen Nord". Follow the B27 straight ahead in the direction of "Braunlage". After the third traffic light intersection turn right towards "Kliniken". Afterwards turn left onto "Robert-Koch-Straße" direction "Universität Nordbereich/Polizei". At the end of "Robert-Koch-Straße" turn right onto "Otto-Hahn-Straße", direction "Nikolausberg". The first street on the left turn onto "Kellnerweg", follow the signs "Deutsches Primatenzentrum".

Arrival by bus

The footpath from the bus stop "Kellnerweg" to the Main Entrance/Reception: 
From Bus stop "Kellnerweg" (line 21/22 and 23) Cross the road, go in the direction of the bus. At the mailbox, turn left into the footpath and proceed to the end. Turn right into the Kellnerweg. The main entrance of the DPZ is on the left side.

Date and Time 04.11.24 - 10:00 - 08.11.24 - 14:30 Limited to max. 25 entrants. Open for signup

Location DPZ



Contact Dr. Björg Pauling
LAS course organiser
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