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Photo exhibition at the DPZ

The Primatenzentrum exhibits a photographic journey through the work at the research institute. The DPZ presents the best pictures of an internal photo contest until the end of January.
[Translate to English:] Fotoausstellung am DPZ. Foto: Karin Tilch
[Translate to English:] Das Sieger-Bild "Meine allerliebste Kokosnuss". Foto: Giyarto.

The life of a DPZ employee is full of exciting views - that is why we initiated our first internal photo contest last year. All employees of the DPZ were asked to send in their best images related to their work. Now we show the best photos in an exhibition at the foyer of the DPZ.

Not only fascinating photographies of primates in the wild and at the DPZ, but also microscopy images, landscape views and technical motifs like a robotic hand enthused the jury. They elected the top 20 photos from about 50 sent in images. Criteria were a high photografic quality, esthetics, and an interesting motif.

Our employees then elected the first three photos, whose authors received a prize. The winner photo "My Favorite Coconut" presents a Crested Macaque that holds a coconut closely while looking nosy into the camera. The second place went to a portrait of a Rhesus Macaque that is lost in thought watching the world outside its compound. The number three in the contest is an image of a macaque group enjoying a bath.

The exhibition is on show until the end of January and can be seen in the foyer of the DPZ for free. Open on Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.