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New Corporate Design

The DPZ starts in 2013 with a new corporate design. The modern, easily recognizable appearance of the institute will form the look of all DPZ communication media from now on.
[Translate to English:] Neue Medien des DPZ in neuem Corporate Design. Foto: Karin Tilch

The DPZ is an open institute - open for new approaches, open for researchers from all over the world, and open for questions from everybody who is interested in research with and about primates. The open institute is the graphic quintessence of the new corporate design. This is most striking in our new logo, which is of course prominently placed on our new website. An open three-quarter circle that has been developed from our old logo. The color green symbolizes the life sciences, our research field and core competence. Our three sections were assigned three different colors to create an easily recognizable appearance, e.g. on the sections' pages of the website.

We are especially content with the democratic way of implementing the new corporate design in the institute: Our colleagues decided about the final logo version by a general election.

But the new corporate design is not only the logo, of course. You will notice our print products like our magazine DPZ-aktuell, letterheads, scientific posters and our website in a new design, too. In the future, our communication media will reflect the modern, well structured and easily recognizable appearance of the DPZ.